In pursuit of meaning, we often use the world around us to find ourselves, and in doing so, we spend precious little time going within. The answers will certainly show up in some combination of our classroom, called life, and our quieting in Spirit. But, this requires we start finding time in our chaotic lives to be still.

On the journey within, explore these three words –

and you may just find yourself where Victor Frankl’s found himself, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

When you start ACCEPTING things as they are, you create from this powerful place of nonresistance. Moving into life’s teachings with a childlike CURIOSITY, a sense of wonder, you probe for a deeper understanding. In this exploration, you seek to understand what was not clear without imbuing your judgement on others. When it’s time to remove yourself from an experience, you simply move on without fanfare or judgement. You DEPART peacefully to allow for whatever is there to unfold.

Try applying these three words to your life. You may be in for some challenges as we tend to make thing fairly complex. It’s hard to accept what “is” when it doesn’t match what you want it to be or expect it to be. Harder yet to stay curious when you already “know” what is right and wrong before engaging in an open dialogue. When you fail to ACCEPT and choose your certainty over CURIOSITY, leaving on “good terms” is virtually impossible.

Our cultural generally considers non-acceptance as normal. Look no further than our unfortunate addiction to talk shows and opinion news. All sides are in a continuous state of non-acceptance. Sadly, we glorify “knowing” and a sense of “certainty” as we devalue openness and curiosity. Winning is everything as we devolve into this “winner take all” mentality.

I hope you take the challenge and watch how you process in all your relationships. I’d even suggest watching your favorite opinion program as a practice using these three words to frame new thinking.

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