What if business leaders started to lead the world differently by asking each person working for them a simple question: “what would you be doing if there were no barriers?”

And what if, as a part of the job, the company allowed time for each person to develop himself or herself in preparation for their future self? Since everything needs a name in the business world, we could call this Your Time on Our Dime.

In the case where a person simply wants to make a fair living to raise a family, they might simply want time for themselves before going home, to be more attentive to their family. They may want an extra hour for yoga, to run errands, or to take a course about something they find interesting. Perfect!

Wouldn’t it be cool if another person wanted to spend the extra hour developing the next Unicorn tech start up? Perfect!

Here’s the ROI – business does what the whole world should be doing and asks people questions like “who are you?” and “why are you here?” And then it helps people work on these answers in the course of their business. If the ROI of giving people room to invest in themselves isn’t enough for you, then go to the next best outcomes.

  1. Increased productivity. When you invest in what makes “me” tick, I’ll invest to a greater degree in what make “you” tick.
  2. Investable ideas. The company can make seed investments in employees ideas that make business sense. Doing good and well.
  3. Long term employees. Knowing the difference between people who work because they have to and those using the job to get somewhere else is important. Making investments in the small wins will improve loyalty, productivity, and the high cost of turn over.

This is one of endless ways to engage in doing good and well. We are on this journey together. Why not embrace this simple fact, and get on with it?!?

Unlearning Leadership By Guy Pierce Bell

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