“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Victor Frankl

Victor Frankl developed a line of thinking he called Logotherapy. He posited that the most powerful motivation in human life is the pursuit of meaning.

Here’s my take on this idea.

In the flow of our world as it is we have a choice. We accept it, we choose to influence it, or we walk away. From our Free Thinking we shed the ego and expand as we walk into the fire of our volatile world choosing to act. This action moves our self and the whole of life toward our oneness and into abundance.

A free thinker is one who…

  • Forms opinions on the basis of reason;
  • Thinks independently of authority or dogma;
  • Evaluates with the requisite complexity before drawing a conclusion;
  • Shifts from fear to favor, moving into problems with resolve until there is a solution – and then see’s the solutions as the potential next problem

In general, this idea of free thinking is tied to the use of logic, reason, and data. This notion of a free thinker is one who is a nonconformist, independent of authority or tradition, and fiercely independent. This may sound counter intuitive. And it is without the next description of a Free Thinker.

Reason born of our inner freedom taps into a field of knowing. This requires quieting, meditation, or some form of intuitive knowing outside of reason and logic. Woven together, we all have access to this inner freedom.

Free Thinking and Mythology 

Free thinking is often described as resisting the dogma of religion. While I don’t particularly disagree, I am interested in going another direction. Before I do, most organized religions, by design, separate believers from a deeper more personal truth. This truth emerges in prayer, contemplation, and conversations with Spirit/Source/God/Unity/Divine/Mother Earth or whatever trips your trigger to express our oneness. The mystical relationship is key to freely thinking. And is not against organized religion, rather for a direct relationship with our source.

Some reference guides consider atheist and agnostic as synonyms. I would suggest they are wrong and the synonyms that are most appropriately related to a free thinker are mystic and guide. I would also say that a trailblazer moving into uncharted territory works well.

Free Thinking and Purpose

On our journey within we will come to a place of knowing we are here to co-create. To answer the call of activating our fully realized self. Once we have worked through the question, “who am I”, and we find ourselves exploring “why am I here”, with some patience we come to our essential truth. This path to our personal truth comes from this quiet inner journey. The field of potential expands within and transforming us as we connect to life as it is. From here, our expressions are endless within our whole body awareness.

Now comes the gift of free thinking as we move into the world. Our wonder and awe of seeing life as it is, as our great teacher, suddenly or slowly starts making perfect sense. Our attachments to beliefs that are limiting simply show up and move on or possibly no longer enter our conscience. There is now room for the universal gift of curiosity and creativity.

We are free to see life as it is and play with the isness in our authentic voice and expression of our purpose. Now to the activation of learning “where am I going and how do I get there”. To appreciate answering these challenging questions, look back on your life. How many different jobs, partners, and preferences did you once have and lost interest in. How many of you have been doing what is expected of you in order to fit in to society, family expectations, or peer pressure? And do you know the difference between the stories you tell yourself that are born in ego versus born of the this deeper knowing within, in this whole body awareness?

Learning to unlearn will eventually get us back to our purpose.

What Defines a Free Thinker

Free thinkers are not afraid of failure. They do not create out of fear or limitations. A free thinking is always moving into the field of opportunity. They move into the challenge with a creative zeal and an open mind to test ideas, and when their ideas fail, they don’t attach to the failure, rather they reflect and move forward. In the clear mind they know that the “right action” is waiting in a field of potentiality. Therefore, the free thinker doesn’t think about compromise; they stay open and flux between active exploration and quieting. Free thinkers have a deep understanding about the why and how of envisioning the outcome and the importance of returning to this moment loosely holding this future state with intention in joy and acceptance.

While it is tempting to let the ego step in and fixate on the problem; obsessing over the solution, this temptation is easily dismissed for a free thinker. They are not bound by conventions nor filled with fears. Their peace of mind comes from their free thinking which is a portal of sorts, to limitless possibilities. Access to the field of potentiality, from my view, offers transformative outcomes.

The journey in life changes when you change how you come to life. When you come to life curious, creative, and as the you that is YOU, life will have many of the same ups and downs but the free thinker doesn’t see a difference. He or she embraces all that is, and when there is not an answer, there is an understanding.

Great days fill us up with joy and sometimes the joy goes on for years creating a season of being in bliss.  Hard days fill us up with joy as well, and often earn extra attention as they hold a special place from a free-thinking mind. This special relationship no longer tries stopping pain or embodying emotional trauma that goes on for some time. They simply experience the experience, process how it feels and sit with it for a moment (moment could be the blink of an eye or months). Then they let it go.

No attachment – no detachment.

The practice of playing with life and staying on this course eventually moves closer to a continuous state. There is only one way to get there. Start here! Where, you may ask, is here? Wherever you are as you read this.

Namaste – Guy Pierce Bell

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