The Deep Roots of Wisdom

Our decisions matter. How we come to making a decision matters. To this end, each decision we make out of fear, anger, or judgement creates more fear, anger and judgement. Every decision driven by the positioning of power, depletes power.

There is another way. We get to choose. Why not choose tapping into the deep roots of wisdom?

It takes one act of courage to make this shift.

Throughout history, wisdom has found its way onto the page, been experienced through various practices, and lived in the day to day lives of countless human beings. The beauty of wisdom is that its found within each of us. Although it feels seemingly impossible to let go of what we believe we know, by letting go for an untainted moment of silence within, we are present. In this state, our binary thoughts expand into fields of potential. From here, we leave our insistence on separation for the truth that we are indeed in this together.

What is this one act of courage?

Wisdom and Business

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