Guy seeks the truth buried under our troubling history of conformity. His ceaseless curiosity and passion for learning has led him down circuitous paths where he wrote and played music with the same sense of wonder he later applied to leading businesses.

He has developed a deep understanding of the pointless discord between business and people. He is convinced business has the unique ability to change the world for good, but only if we choose to unlearn the dogma of limiting thoughts and behaviors.

Guy teaches organizations and their leaders how to expand beyond their limiting beliefs into their full potential.

THE BUSINESS OF LIFE BECOMES THE LIFE OF BUSINESS Guy’s life’s passion has grown into and remains wrapped up in our market system and the extraordinary potential shift our world can experience through the emergence of higher consciousness in business. Guy has been in various executive roles over the years where he learned how to be himself in a world that usually has little interest in him or anyone else. Business people often quip that it’s business not personal. Guy believes it is personal and when we choose to be present with the human condition, our real power and unique gifts emerge for the good of ourselves and for business.

“I contend the most difficult lesson I have learned in life is to keep still within my stream; to find the center where all movement can be seen; to move beyond the stimuli racing at me for the pleasure of finding an untainted, solemn moment within. It is only from here I have learned I can begin to see the complex nature of pure simplicity.” -Guy Pierce Bell

About Dr. Justin McGlothin, Co-Author and Collaborator with Guy Pierce Bell Dr. Justin McGlothin is an entrepreneur, professor, consultant, and author. In the course of his career, he has focused on higher education, leadership, economics, and free thinking. His current projects include the launch of several organizations, each of which has a specific focus to support the development and growth of a new type of leader: the free thinker. Dr. McGlothin earned his doctorate degree in education from Argosy University. The focus of his doctoral research was in the field of financial aid advisement and student loan borrowing decisions. He also holds graduate degrees in business and accounting. Dr. McGlothin has over a decade of experience in higher education and has served in several leadership roles with three large school systems. Most recently, Dr. McGlothin now serves as the Chairman and Executive Director of The Foundation for Student Financial Literacy, an organization devoted to research, scholarship, and advisement in financial literacy education for students. Justin is married to his wife, Alicia, who is an early childhood educator and mentor. They have two daughters, Addison and Emma. They live just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, where they both have spent the majority of their lives and have raised their children. They enjoy sports, camping, and spending time with family.

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