Guy Bell: Keynote Speaker

Guy Pierce Bell is an artist who learned the language of business. Through several business turnarounds, ranging from medium-sized businesses to major public companies, Guy has honed a different approach to leadership.

His work focuses on meeting the full market opportunity by maximizing human potential that ultimately creates a better workplace and thriving companies. 

In his speaking, Guy’s focus is on challenging leaders to move beyond “business as usual” to create better environments, leading to happier employees and, ultimately, more successful companies.



“Guy Bell was an electric speaker who truly challenged the audience to step outside their comfort zones and rethink the way they work.”
Suruthi Bala, Head of Content, LEAP HR / Hansonwade


“I recently held an off site strategic planning session with 15 members of my team, and asked Guy Bell to attend and speak to the group on a few specific topics.  Guy exceeded all of our expectations within the first few minutes, and my team came away more inspired, energized and excited than I had anticipated.  Guy’s comments were on point, and spoke to the group in a way that resonated with them from beginning to end.

Guy is a speaker who clearly displays a well rounded, thought provoking and energetic platform to inspire a different and more impactful way of thinking….both for individuals and as a team.

I would highly recommend Guy to others and will absolutely ask him to come back and speak to our teams!!!”

Shane Clem – Pearson Regional Partnership Director

What does Guy speak about?

Guy speaks on the topic of accelerating the full potential of business through humanizing the experience of work. This shift in thinking requires a shift in leadership. The outcome of this shift is freeing up everyone to reach their full potential. From this full potential, businesses meet the ever changing market demands by being agile.

That’s not enough though, it requires human connections. Still not enough though. To transform how business conducts business, WE have to develop the right systems to free up people to do their best work. 

He also speaks to organizations on topics ranging from “Free Thinking Leadership and The Real Bottom Line”, to “Changing, Change Management and Innovation Is.”


The Book: Unlearning Leadership

As leaders, we have learned how to play a well established role. In this role, we learn to adopt fairly prescriptive beliefs and behaviors. GIven the fact that it is rare to move up the ranks of leadership without developing these beliefs, most people fall in line for the promotion.  

We are taught that If you want to be an effective leader you have to learn to be respected, not liked. You need to have an executive presence, be in control, and drive results. Power comes through fear and a little fear goes a long way to keep your employees in line. And business decisions are not personal, they’re just business.

When we step outside the echo chambers that reinforce this role play, we begin to see more clearly and act with less effort, more ingenuity, and with more success.

Unlearning Leadership is akin to unleashing potential.

Once you see what is being left on the table, you will never go back!

Mediocrity will no longer be enough. Letting go of your need to “know” and be in “control” will transform your business. It starts with YOU!


Who is Guy Bell?

Guy Bell is an executive with decades of experience turning around struggling businesses. His career has taken him from leadership roles in equity backed investments to public traded companies to family owned businesses.

Each time, he faced a similar question: How can I empower this team to meet their full potential, to reach beyond goals in pursuit of excellence?

Through his work, he developed a deep understanding of human nature, and what leaders must do to allow their teams to thrive. It’s all very different than your traditional business advice and, yet, most leaders report that it feels simpler and more natural.

Today, Guy speaks and writes on a variety of topics about how “business as usual” falls short on every measure. He works with up and coming leaders to help them carry the torch of changing business as usual.