Unlearning Leadership

As leaders, we have learned how to play a well established role. In this role, we learn to adopt fairly prescriptive beliefs and behaviors. GIven the fact that it is rare to move up the ranks of leadership without developing these beliefs, most people fall in line for the promotion.

We are taught that If you want to be an effective leader you have to learn to be respected, not liked. You need to have an executive presence, be in control, and drive results. Power comes through fear and a little fear goes a long way to keep your employees in line. And business decisions are not personal, they’re just business.

When we step outside the echo chambers that reinforce this role play, we begin to see more clearly and act with less effort, more ingenuity, and with more success.

Unlearning Leadership is akin to unleashing potential.

Once you see what is being left on the table, you will never go back!

Mediocrity will no longer be enough. Letting go of your need to “know” and be in “control” will transform your business. It starts with YOU!

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Article in CEO Magazine

It’s time to change that school of thought. By limiting your perception of people, you limit your company’s results—which is crazy!

Why wouldn’t every single leader rethink their approach to achieve their full business potential by engaging in people’s full human potential?

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The Deep Roots of Wisdom

Our decisions matter. How we come to making a decision matters. To this end, each decision we make out of fear, anger, or judgement creates more fear, anger and judgement. Even when we “know we are right” and then defend our beliefs with evidence, we are wrong.

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Outcome Blah – Rethinking Managing to Outcomes

Why do businesses manage to outcomes? To get a result! Is managing to a number the best way to get results? Let’s explore. Visa, one of the largest organization in the world, had no employees, no leaders or managers, it was a self organizing system that grew based on...

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Part two: Whole Foods and Amazon

In my last blog, I compared Whole Foods with Amazon. I used these two companies because of my loyalty to both brands. In this follow up blog, I’ll focus on more details regarding the Whole Foods “rise and fall”. Again, it is worth remembering that most corporations do...

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Thinking? Or, Machine Thinking?

My belief is that right action happens in the right time. The right unifying purpose will inspire right action on every level of the organization. Speed matters but not for the sake of speed. In contrast, machine thinking is our enemy! Getting things done to get...

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What If

What if business leaders started to lead the world differently by asking each person working for them a simple question: “what would you be doing if there were no barriers?” And what if, as a part of the job, the company allowed time for each person to develop himself...

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Simple and Complex

In pursuit of meaning, we often use the world around us to find ourselves, and in doing so, we spend precious little time going within. The answers will certainly show up in some combination of our classroom, called life, and our quieting in Spirit. But, this requires...

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